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Kinsale Community Response to Dementia (K-CoRD) is a comprehensive community-based, person centred response to dementia. The group was conceived by local healthcare professionals and is an alliance of local General Practitioners, the Primary Care Team and wider healthcare professional network, carers of persons with dementia and active community members. Our aim is to enable people with dementia (PwD) to remain at home for longer with a better quality of life. This will be achieved by engaging concerned professionals and local citizens in a process of collaborative learning, planning and action and will lead to the the optimisation of supports services and facilities for people with dementia and their families. By demonstrating the effectiveness of its programmes K-CoRD hopes to influence national policy as Ireland develops its forthcoming National Dementia Strategy.

Current Status

The K-CoRD programme commenced in September 2012 and now delivers a range of individualised supports and services to people with dementia, their families and carers.

We are working towards making Kinsale and its environs a dementia friendly community, a place to live well with dementia.

K-CoRD is also creating educational opportunities for both community members and health care professionals involved in supporting PwD.





Dr Tony Foley : tonydfoley@gmail.com

Dr Eleanor Mullan :eleanormullan@eircom.net

Dr Helen Hynes : h.hynes@ucc.ie

Elizabeth Creed, Project Manager : lizcreed.kcord@gmail.com


The programme is working with assistive technology experts, locally and nationally, to develop bespoke assistive technology solutions for PwD.

K-CoRD is part of COLLAGE and has strong synergies with the Netwell Centre. Both are partners in the EIP AHA’s D4 Specific Action Group. We are working closely with a number of other members of COLLAGE, such as the CARTS initiative and the Department of Applied Psychology in UCC. Our involvement with the project has lead to a partnership with Irene Monsonís, Polibienestar Research Institute – Universitat de València.

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Future Plans

K-CoRD will consider different models for rolling out individualised support plans for PwD and their families. The programme will design and implement education and training for health care professionals based on an educational needs assessment. We will promote inter-professional education and collaborative multidisciplinary dementia practice within the Primary Care Team.

To enable PwD to remain active in the community K-CoRD will offer workshops on becoming dementia friendly and will grow and support its volunteer bank. Assistive Technologies will be installed and evaluated and a carer solidarity programme will be piloted.


K-CoRD is supported by The Atlantic Philanthropies and the Health Service Executive through the Genio Trust under their dementia programme until 2016. K-CoRD is delighted to be working with Genio and the other three pilot sites; The 5 Steps to living well with Dementia in South Tipperary; Community Action on Dementia in Mayo and Living Well with Dementia (Dublin).