Age-Friendly Regional Alliances in the North East working Together / Louth County Council

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The counties in the Northeast region of Ireland commit to align their age-friendly efforts on a regional basis where is it effective and beneficial to all. They build on existing commitments to age-friendly principles through their individual endorsements of the Dublin Declaration, and membership of the WHO Global Network. Their joint intent to share innovations and practices in areas of mutual interest includes; promoting opportunities to age-in-place by better integration across housing and care; promoting economic participation through supporting age-friendly business; achieving alignments across the public, private and 3rd sectors.

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They plan to establish a virtual regional office to support local coordination and to strengthen capacities to deliver on the Dublin Declaration through greater awareness, training, guidelines, and practice development. The region will work with EIP partners through the mechanisms of the Covenant of Mayors and the European forum of cities within the WHO Global Network to; reduce fragmentation and strengthen alignment between stakeholders and initiatives across the range of global (WHO) and EU hierarchical levels; bring forward indicators to aid management, evaluation and continuous improvement; make demographic change a climate change issue with strong public awareness; develop & integrate personalised transport; increase participation through innovations in information sharing and increase the communities sense of safety and protection.