Optimal Dementia Care in Acute Care Settings (ODCACS)


ODCACS is a 3-year study which will determine for the first time the prevalence of dementia among older people in Irish hospitals in order to promote better in-hospital care for patients with dementia. The project will prospectively screen all people over 70 admitted to each of the six acute hospitals in Cork county over a 2-week period. A longitudinal follow-up will determine in-hospital rates of adverse events, delirium, behaviours that challenge, new discharge to long-term care and death. There will be further community follow-up at six and twelve months. An economic appraisal will assess the costs of hospital bed and staff resource allocation. Data will be collected from patients, carers / families and acute hospital staff on the problems encountered in providing acute care to patients with dementia and the experience of the person with dementia in hospital. This will suggest the alterations in current practice and ward environments that would improve care. This work will help inform the acute hospital section of the Dementia Strategy of Ireland.

Current Status

The main phase of data collection is complete and over 650 patients have been screened. Six and twelve month follow up is ongoing.  Preparation of initial project papers is ongoing and submission to peer-reviewed journals expected second quarter 2013.

Contact Person

Dr Suzanne TimmonsS.Timmons@ucc.ie







Health Research Board, Ireland

Future Plans

This project has generated a large dataset on older people admitted to hospital in general, as well as those with dementia, and will give additional data on predictors of mortality in the acute hospital phase and up to one year after discharge.  We also propose to conduct a randomised controlled trial of best practice dementia care versus usual care commencing late 2014 / early 2015.

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