School of Applied Psychology


The School of Applied Psychology in University College Cork has an internationally recognised track record in the study of ageing, including Alzheimer Disease and falls. Of particular interest for the School are prevention and rehabilitation and technologies to support them. The School of Applied Psychology is part of a consortium of 4 EU countries  (6 Academic Institutions and 2 SMEs) that have worked on a grant application on an ICT-based solution improving physical exercise in older people to increase physical fitness and benefit cognition (EXercise based tele-training device for prevention of AGE related cognitive Decline, EXAGE). The School also collaborates with The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) to identify early markers of cognitive ageing and protective factors.

Current status

Through involvement with COLLAGE and by taking part in projects such as EXAGE, the School aims to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration with scientists and SMEs in Europe to design science-based applied solutions to promote independent living in older age maximising measurable outcomes and user-perceived quality.


Dr. Annalisa Setti, School of Applied Psychology, UCC. Email:

Dr. John McCarthy, School of Applied Psychology, UCC.

Dr. Mike Murphy, School of Applied Psychology, UCC. Email:

Dr. Patricia Kearney, Dept. Of Epidemiology and Public Health, UCC. Email

Dr. Aoife Ní Chorcoráin, Department of Psychiatry, UCC






Key External Collaborators

  • Prof. Rose Anne Kenny, Trinity College Dublin
  • Prof. Alessia Tessari, University of Bologna (Italy)
  • Prof. Ferdinand Binkofski, Aachen University (Germany)
  • Prof. Elżbieta Szeląg, Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology
  • SoftPro srl (Italy)
  • Fondazione ASPHI ONLUS (Italy)

Future plans

The collaboration with the EXAGE international partners as well as Irish collaborations with Trinity EngAGE and COLLAGE will strengthen the capability of research conducted in the School of Applied Psychology to impact Europeans’ health. The objectives of the School in terms of promoting solutions to healthy ageing and independent living are aligned with the EIP AHA objectives and the EXAGE partners look at the new Framework Program as an opportunity to increase their contribution to applied research in these areas.


We have applied for the call FP7-ICT-2013-10, School of Applied Psychology budget €520,644.