RAPid Community COGnitive screening programme (RAPCOG)

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The Quick Mild Cognitive Impairment screen (Qmci), is a short, cognitive instrument for the detection of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and has been found to be more sensitive at differentiating normal cognition and dementia from MCI than existing cognitive screening instruments (1, 2). The Caregiver Cognitive Screen (CCS) is another newly developed cognitive screening instrument, designed for use by members of the public where they have concerns about an older adults. Together these two new screening instruments form the RAPCOG programme, which aims to develop a community wide screening initiative for cognitive impairment. Our target area Cork South Lee (total population of c180,000), has approximately 20,000 adults >65 years with 8-10% of these (c1,600), expected to have evidence of dementia. Initially one pilot area (n=c800) will be invited to screen friends/family members, without known cognitive deficits, using the CCS. Copies of the CSS, will be posted in a staggered fashion, to all households. Subjects screening positive will be asked to attend their primary care physician (GP) for Qmci assessment. All older adults screening positive for cognitive impairment by their GP will be reviewed in the Cork memory clinic in St Finbarr’s Hospital. Copies of the CCS will be available in all HSE (Irish Department of Health) offices and GP surgeries in the region. Members of the public will be invited to attend workshops/lectures on how to score the CCS in conjunction with a local health promotion initiative. Individuals over 65 with concerns will be advised to re-screen annually.

Contact People

Prof. William Molloy : w.molloy@ucc.ie

Dr Rónán O’Caoimh : roccaoimh@hotmail.com

Dr Yvonne Clune : yclune@ucc.ie



Current Status

Validation and publication of the Qmci has been completed and different language versions are in development with a view to using this tool in other European centres. GPs have been trained in the Qmci and inter-rater reliability is currently being assessed. The CCS has recently been validated in the Cork memory clinic. Publications are in preparation for both screening tools. The pilot study will commence in spring 2013. The Qmci is also being used a measure of cognition as part of the FP-7 (ICT call 2013) grant proposal PERSSILLA, in conjunction with two other reference site bids (Municipality of Enschede, Netherlands and Campania Region, Italy) within Action Group A3 of the EIP on AHA.


The Health Service Executive of Ireland

Future Plans

We plan to develop and validate non-English versions of the Qmci and CSS, perform pilot studies with EU partners and apply for funding for a multi-centre collaborative study of RAPCOG.

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