ELLAN European Later Life Active Network

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ELLAN is a consortium of 28 partners in 26 European Countries. This consortium has worked together in grant applications to the European Lifelong learning programme (LLP -project ERASMUS Academic Networks) related to the care of older people. University College Cork is a member of this consortium.

Current Status:

The aim of the present project is to develop an agreed Core European Competencies Framework for working with older people in health care and social care. The definition of core competencies will inform the education of healthcare professionals across key disciplines involved in providing care to older people.

Contact person:

Dr Alice Coffey, School of Nursing and Midwifery University College Cork a.coffey@ucc.ie


Future Plans:

The project will increase multilateral co-operation between higher education institutions in Europe and facilitate the development and sharing of innovative practices in education and training at tertiary level. This research will culminate in the development of a European Core Competencies Framework for working with older people in health and social care.


This project has been awarded funding of €567,914 from the Lifelong Learning Project – ERASMUS Academic Networks.