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Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork is one of Europe’s leading research centres, specialising in ICT hardware research, with ca 450 staff, students and academic & industrial visiting researchers. Tyndall undertakes internationally-leading research into information and communications technology. Tyndall uses its facilities and expertise to support industry and academia nationally and provides large numbers of highly qualified graduate students, key to the development of Ireland’s national economy. Tyndall has over 200 industry partnerships and customers worldwide. Several start-up companies in Ireland have been based on technology originating at Tyndall. The Institute’s researchers include 125 PhD and 10 Masters students, and 38 nationalities are represented within the institute at all levels, with its research published in 200 peer reviewed publications last year.

The multidisciplinary research groups in Tyndall (e.g.. >80 researchers working directly on technology solutions for health applications) are actively collaborating with various clinicians and clinical experts to enable the development of these next generation healthcare technologies from concept right through to clinical validation.

Future Plans

Through it’s research the Tyndall National Institute will continue to develop solutions to a broad spectrum of healthcare challenges, including new or less invasive surgical interventions, new technologies enabling early diagnosis, monitoring and personalized and /or targeted therapeutic delivery.

Contact Person:

Dr Paul Galvin paul.galvin @tyndall.ie


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Current Status

Tyndall is at the forefront of driving the convergence of ICT technology into healthcare applications (www.tyndall.ie). Through its alliances with clinical partners (e.g. within ASSERT for Health Centre at UCC, Centre for Gerontology and Rehabilitation and COLLAGE), industrial collaborators, and academic partners in biomedical research, Tyndall is creating new advanced solutions in diagnostics, therapeutics and monitoring that will enable:

  • New portable devices for early / near-patient diagnosis
  • Implantable electronics for continuous monitoring and therapy
  • Wearable wireless electronics for physiological monitoring
  • Personalized and targeted treatment of illness


Tyndall receives funding from EU, national and direct contract research funded programmes.


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