National Health Services Research Institute


The National Health Services Research Institute (NHSRI) is a development at University College Cork made possible by capital investment from the Higher Education Authority of Ireland. Though based at UCC the Institute is supported by a national collaboration of universities, State agencies and private sector enterprises.

The Institute will:

  • Act as a focal point for collaborative EU and national funding applications where necessary and appropriate but leaving the individual institutions free to compete for funding to ensure competitive advantages are not lost.
  • Support collaboration in research and development with commercial partners.
  • Support the National Structured Population and Health Services Research Education Programme (SPHeRE), a structured PhD programme run by a consortium of Irish universities.
  • Support the dissemination of evidence through an annual conference, a workshop series, webinars and other dissemination tools.
  • Develop core research infrastructure (databases, record linkage, GIS, consent protocols etc) working with partners in Health Atlas Ireland and the Irish Cancer Registry.

Current Status

The NHSRI will be formally launched in late 2013 on completion of the final phase of building work in its home institution. Professor John Browne has been appointment as interim, part-time Director of the NHSRI, pending the recruitment and appointment of a full time Director.

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Future Plans

Unlike most countries Ireland does not have a formal research network covering population and health services research. Staff at the NHSRI will lead on the development of a research network called the Population and Health Services Research Network of Ireland (PHSRNI). The PHSRNI will have a physical presence in Cork but will be a national network connecting everyone interested in health service innovation, evidence and improvement in Ireland. It will primarily provide support functions such as knowledge exchange and partnership development but it will also provide an agency function for the research community in certain shared areas of interest such as research funding, governance of health research and research prioritisation.


In 2010 UCC was allocated €19.1 million of capital funding from the Irish Higher Education Authority for a series of interlinked capital projects on translational research including the NHSRI. This has been used to transform space in a new building at the Western edge of the university campus (the Western Gateway Building). The new space has been in use by population health and health services researchers since early 2012.

Funding for staff dedicated to the NHSRI has recently been secured from the Irish Health Research Board and will be matched by UCC.



Prof John Browne: