Health Information Systems Research Centre



The Health Information Systems Research Centre (HISRC) is a multidisciplinary research centre at University College Cork (UCC) building on the growing synergy between information systems, technology and healthcare (

HISRC partners with the College of Medicine and Health, the Clinical Research Facility, the Application of Science to Simulation Education, Research and Training (ASSERT) for Health Centre at UCC, the Health Innovation Hub, the Irish Centre for Fetal and Neonatal Translational Research (INFANT) and the Tyndall National Institute at UCC, on joint research and commercialisation initiatives to drive innovation throughout the health service. HISRC is part of the support structure for COLLAGE and through initiatives such as Doctor Patient Decision Support System (DPDSS) and CLoud basEd Access to patient Records (CLEAR) has the potential to have significant input into chronic disease management and integrated patient care.


Dr John O’Donoghue:



Translational research within the HISRC investigates how technology integration, social factors, organisational structures and business processes affect not only the delivery but also the definition of healthcare services. This research is essential to maximise the benefit of adopting information systems and technology within healthcare. It applies health information systems methodology and research to improve health outcomes for patients, to support healthcare professionals, and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of health services in all sectors from primary to tertiary care.

The HISRC is the platform where a wide range of stakeholders including the healthcare services, patient groups, healthcare practitioners, academia and industry, collaborate and work on health informatics research projects. It provides the necessary expertise (people, process, technology) to support information systems research between these key groups and enable the development of innovative health information systems solutions.


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