Centre for Gerontology and Rehabiliation


Established in September 2010 and led by Prof William Molloy, the Centre for Gerontology and Rehabilitation (CGR) is part of the School of Medicine at University College Cork (UCC). Based on the campus of St Finbarr’s Hospital in Cork City and funded by Atlantic Philanthropies, the CGR has a core remit to establish interdisciplinary teaching and learning in Gerontology, Rehabilitation and End of Life Care in UCC, and to raise the standard of care for the elderly in the south of Ireland in general. Clinical Gerontology and Rehabilitation is a now a firmly established discipline in the undergraduate medical curriculum at UCC, and a postgraduate programme in Older Person Rehabilitation (coordinated by Dr Suzanne Timmons) commenced in September 2011.

A key component of the CGR’s remit is ongoing research, and there is a strong research focus on dementia, delirium, advance care planning (ACP), advance care directives (ACDs), risk assessment in older adults and palliative care. These are particularly important areas of research for Ireland, where the number of people over 65 is expected to increase by more than two and a half times over the next 30 years, but they are also increasingly relevant from a global standpoint.

Contact Person

Prof William Molloy. Email: w.molloy@ucc.ie

Dr Yvonne Clune. Email: yclune@ucc.ie



Current initiatives include:

  • Community Assessment of Risk Tool and Strategies Programme (CARTS)
  • Let Me Decide
  • RAPid Community COGnitive screening programme (RAPCOG)
  • The Irish National Audit of Dementia (INAD)
  • Optimal Dementia Care in Acute Care Settings (ODCACS)
  • Augmented Prescribed Exercise Programme (APEP)



  • Health Service Executive (HSE)
  • The Atlantic Philanthropies
  • Irish Hospice Foundation
  • Health Research Board
  • Seventh Framework Partnership (FP7)




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