Vision, Synergies, Opportunities

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COLLAGE, Collaboration on Ageing, is Ireland’s 3 Star Reference Site for the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP AHA).

It is lead by, but not limited to

University College Cork and

Louth Age Friendly County Initiative.

COLLAGE represents a collaboration based on the premise that ageing is an opportunity for the future rather than a burden on society (European Parliament A7-0029/2013).  Although the traditional primary healthcare and public health approaches are essential elements of EIP-AHA, they are, in themselves, not sufficient to achieve the ambitious target of increasing the number of Healthy Life Years by two. Its achievement will require a wider effective engagement within and between reference sites and throughout the Partnership.  COLLAGE includes research groups, academic institutions, healthcare providers, The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) public authorities and community groups. Over 30 discrete initiatives are included.  We have 9 established action group projects and an additional 8 initiatives registered on Marketplace, providing presence in all 3 pillars of EIP-AHA.  


The shared visions of enhancing the experience of ageing and realising the potential of our ageing population has brought together initiatives and institutions from counties Cork and Louth to form COLLAGE.


Our strengths lie in our breadth and depth, our shared interests and our diversity. We have a collective commitment to work together to share knowledge, experience and good practice across multiple EIP AHA action areas.


COLLAGE through its various initiatives and collaborations offers the potential to improve lives, enhance society and create employment.

Our Selected Good Practice Initiatives

Community Assessment of Risk Tool and Strategies

Louth Age Friendly County Initiative

Let Me Decide